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Believe me when I say, these are the BEST Muppet bloopers ever. Please, please WATCH. You get to watch Frank Oz’s sanity slowly slip away. Priceless.

“Hubba wah?! HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA WAH?! Hubba WAH?!?”

Literally the GREATEST THING I have ever seen! Oh my God, the fact that they stayed in character and kept puppeteering the whole time. I’M CRYING!

The fact that this video now has 8,000+ notes makes me so damn happy.

Praise jesus someone posted this— they’re literally the best.  It’s even funnier when you know what Ma’s voice ACTUALLY sounds like in the movie and then you hear Frank Oz doing essentially a scratchtape version of it for the actual filming.  

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Academy Award winning film, The King’s Speech.

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Augmented Sixth Chords


Why can’t they just all come pre-labeled like this?


(accidentals carry through)

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how i can be every single character on this show will never cease to amaze me.

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